The Olde Ways 2018 January 23 2018, 0 Comments


On this snowy winters day half way through the month of January, I am finally sitting down to plan the year ahead. Today is a good day for that as the kids are home from school and still asleep. No need for the hustle and bustle of getting them off to school. I am grateful for a peaceful morning where I can reflect and be inspired. The stoves are going and I already have the soup simmering on the old Glenwood. Sage is smoldering and the smoky essence gives me clarity and creativity. The house is still dark and the candles lend a tranquil glimmer. 
So I have my note book to jot down any ideas that come to mind. I am sipping a heavenly brew of Belgium coffee. Thank you so much Rebekah and Lars for this is just what I needed to complete my morning.
Here are a few photos of my surroundings that also lead to much inspiration for the new year. Its going to be a good year, very productive, earthy, with lots of weeds and wonders, comforts and remedies, simples and benefits…. And always ever leaning towards The Olde Ways!