Healthing Skin is Beautiful Skin October 16 2014, 0 Comments


  I think every woman wants beautiful skin and in order for your skin to be beautiful it must first be healthy. The skin is the largest organ of the human body. It needs to be fed, nourished, and protected just as the rest, and as harsh, dry winter weather approaches our skin needs additional nourishment and protection.

It is important to cleanse the skin with a nondrying soap and seal moisture in so that it can remain soft and supple and deter premature wrinkles. Although all of our skin needs moisture, our face is the most exposed and has thinner skin that dries more quickly.

I can’t stress how important it is that any products you put on your skin must be natural and non-toxic. Our bodies are exposed to so much pollution and irritants that every possible way that we can avoid them, brings us closer to being truly healthy.

Our Skincare Collection and other skincare products

Our Facial Cleanse is made with organic castile soap and other ingredients that moisturize as they clean. The essential oils of lavender and geranium have antiseptic and healing qualities that have long been known to improve the skin. The Facial Spray is a toner/astringent made from Witchhazel, well known for condensing the pours and discouraging blemishes. Lavender Cream is my personal favorite to moisturize the face. It is a medium to heavy blend of oils whipped into a cream that leaves the skin feeling soft and new. We also have Rejuvenating Butter an extremely rich moisturizer for all over and don’t forget those lips. Our Lip Balm is delicious, moisturizing and protects from the sun as well.

You are what you eat

So now that I have talked about nourishing and protecting the skin from the outside and about some of the products that we have that may help you, I must also tell you how important it is to nourish and protect the skin from the inside. Drink lots of good clean water. An organic herbal tea can do wonders for your skin and wellbeing. Raw dairy, yes raw dairy, builds the immune system, helps your body more readily absorb nutrients and will make you glow. Stay away from processed foods and eat naturally raised local meats and produce whenever possible.