Nutmeg November 07 2014, 0 Comments

If you haven't had the opportunity to try fresh grated nutmeg, you really need to indulge yourself. This exotic herb loses much of its flavor quickly. Keeping whole nuts and grating them when needed is the preferred method and it really does make a difference. The fragrance is aromatic and uplifting. Nutmeg is a ancient spice known to heighten the senses and provide health benefits to include: relieving pain, soothing indigestion, increasing immune system function, and detoxifying the body.

There is much folklore surrounding the nut. It was thought to have magical powers to ward off disease and was also known to increase virility. Throughout history amulets made from nutmeg were worn and graters made of silver, ivory or wood were kept.

The essence of nutmeg reminds me of Christmas. There is nothing like fresh cream eggnog with grated nutmeg. It is a must for the holidays and one of my favorite simple treats is warmed milk with molasses, turmeric and grated nutmeg. Not only is it pleasant and soothing, but is beneficial to your body. My husband even likes it!

As with all good things there are limitations. A word of caution: Nutmeg consumed in quantity can cause hallucinations and in large doses may be lethal. Not more than a pinch per serving or half teaspoon in a recipe is recommended. It should be used sparingly and should not be given to children.